My big hearted girl turns 7 ðŸ’–💖

the little lady is 7! How!!??

We couldn’t decide on a theme this year, however Missy is always drawing love hearts and has the biggest heart I know! (We all say she should be a Teacher or Nurse when she grows up as she is so caring), so a heart theme it was!

It also helped that Poppies for Grace has the best range of love heart partyware!!

To celebrate, we hosted a little partay with a few School friends (and her cousin who flew down from Sydney).

I signed the girls up to one of the Poppies for Grace Craftathons….look into this for your kids!! Still a week left of heaps of fun craft ideas! We did the Sisko Chocolate session. The kids were given a round chocolate disk as their base and then chose their toppings (skittles, worms, gummies bears, maltesers etc), they then were given a piping bag and could pipe out chocolate to stick on their own toppings…so much fun! They could then choose glitter and sprinkles to finish their design.

After their creation they swirled chocolate on their hands and made their own hand print to take home.

The gang all come back to our house for treats and games. We played pin the horn on the unicorn and did a little craft.

I made some watermelon and strawberry skewers, heart fairy bread and picked up some gorgeous cupcakes and a 6 inch cake from Cupcake Central. I decorated the cake with a love heart cake topper and heart candles.

A few other cute treats were the heart shortbreads from Ikea and tiny teddies with little heart message lollies on top.

The chocolatiers left with party bags full of love heart bangles, and a little heart stationery kit from Kmart…and a few lollies of course!!

Very girly and fun!! Happy 7th bday to my No.1 girl x

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