My big hearted girl turns 7 💖💖

the little lady is 7! How!!??

We couldn’t decide on a theme this year, however Missy is always drawing love hearts and has the biggest heart I know! (We all say she should be a Teacher or Nurse when she grows up as she is so caring), so a heart theme it was!

It also helped that Poppies for Grace has the best range of love heart partyware!!

To celebrate, we hosted a little partay with a few School friends (and her cousin who flew down from Sydney).

I signed the girls up to one of the Poppies for Grace Craftathons….look into this for your kids!! Still a week left of heaps of fun craft ideas! We did the Sisko Chocolate session. The kids were given a round chocolate disk as their base and then chose their toppings (skittles, worms, gummies bears, maltesers etc), they then were given a piping bag and could pipe out chocolate to stick on their own toppings…so much fun! They could then choose glitter and sprinkles to finish their design.

After their creation they swirled chocolate on their hands and made their own hand print to take home.

The gang all come back to our house for treats and games. We played pin the horn on the unicorn and did a little craft.

I made some watermelon and strawberry skewers, heart fairy bread and picked up some gorgeous cupcakes and a 6 inch cake from Cupcake Central. I decorated the cake with a love heart cake topper and heart candles.

A few other cute treats were the heart shortbreads from Ikea and tiny teddies with little heart message lollies on top.

The chocolatiers left with party bags full of love heart bangles, and a little heart stationery kit from Kmart…and a few lollies of course!!

Very girly and fun!! Happy 7th bday to my No.1 girl x

My Smile with Your Smile

A smile can change someones day, however the perfect smile can change your day!

Over the years I have noticed a lot of movement in my teeth, the bottom ones are starting to cross over a little and front tooth is pertruding forward.

Instead of waiting and seeing if the movement continues, I have decided to jump on board with Your Smile Direct and give myself the best chance at the perfect smile!

The home process may seem daunting but is simple, and has easy to follow instructions for you to take your best impression.

Basically you are sent a box from Your Smile Direct consultant which contains the ingredients to make your moulds, teeth trays and all the information you need.  You follow the steps included… combining the “base with the catalyst” to make your impression, Pop in the tray and bite down for a few minutes.  You then wrap up and send back in anticipation of your retainers.

When the impressions are received by Your Smile Direct, the Orthodontic team develop a 3D scan of the moulds where they can create a customised treatment plan.  This treatment plan will then be sent to you via email (example below) for your approval.  This plan is a 3D visual of how your teeth look now and how they will gradually move throughout treatment until you reach your end result.

Once you are happy with your treatment plan and accept it, your aligners will then go into production and be sent out to you.

This can take roughly up to 3 weeks.  You will then receive all of your aligners in a box and are to wear each set for the prescribed amount of time.

As per below, I received 10 sets. The first 2 sets of aligners I wore for a month and then 2 weeks each for the rest until all 10 have been worn (the 10th set is a little thicker and is to be continued for use as an aligner for bedtime).

The aligners can be a little tight to start but gradually they ease as your teeth start to move. After a day of the new set the tightness subsides and they become part of your every day.

So after 5 months, I just finished my tenth aligner which I now just wear at night to keep all the good work in place!! Couldn’t be happier!!

For more info check out Your Smile Direct!!!