Baby bear turns 5

So my baby is 5! I can’t quite believe it!  Its only a matter of time before he leaves me for School too! (insert crying face)!!

So instead of crying in a corner, I thought best to celebrate this gorgeous little man! and celebrate we did, with a cute Bear/Adventure themed party.

I really can’t take much credit for this set up as it is all thanks to Mr and Mrs Jones and their fabulous range of party goods!  I simply ordered their sweet Explorer range of party goods including party bags, plates, cups, napkins, cupcake and cake toppers and the cutest wall bunting to go above the party table.

Once I hung the bunting and moved the dining table to become the party table, I made the cupcakes and cake (with toppers of course), we also made little bear rice cakes with peanut butter, bananas and dates.  We set up some fruit and juice, made party bags and laid out plates, cups and napkins.

And how cute are the animal balloons to finish off the table!

We had a fabulous time riding bikes and scooters in the morning, opening Lego and then celebrating at our cute party table when we got home!

Happy bday gorgeous K!! x

To shop the Meri Meri party range from Mr & Mrs Jones….click here.




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