Taming the mane with Delorenzo

As School starts back on Tuesday (insert happy dance emoji)!! It was time to start detangling and de-dreading some of Sages’ beach hair!!

As many people with girls would know, brushing out knots can sometimes cause screams and tears which resemble something out of a horror film!!

I was introduced to De Lorenzo’s Detangling Duo and have not looked back!!The Infinite Detangler is a leave in detangling spray with organic Rosehip and wheat protein and I guarantee will remove knots without tears! (She even lets her brother do it)!!

The spray has a lovely smell and will be a lifesaver for those rushed School mornings! I will be throwing another one in the swimming bag too.

Gorgeous colour combo and great little back to school pressie!

Do yourself a favour mums!! Link below.

X b


Xmas 2017

Well the Christmas whirlwind has been and gone!! I was honoured to be interviewed by Sheridan Australia to share our plans for the silly season and some favourite Xmas memories.

Also just a quick note to thank you for your support in 2017 and looking forward to an inspiring and happy 2018.

Interview below….

1. For us, Christmas is about being together and spending time with loved ones, what does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas to me is the excitement of children, spending time as a family and surrounded by yummy food!! From the setting up of the Santa sacks on Xmas eve, putting out cookies and milk for Santa and Their little faces Xmas morning…it’s all priceless.

2. How will you and your family be spending Christmas this year?

This year is very different for us as we have just moved to Melbourne and left all our family and friends in Sydney. This year I’m hoping for a lovely slow Christmas morning, packing up a picnic of prawns, champers and white Xmas and hitting Brighton Beach. Possibly ending “bad mums 2” style with Chinese takeaway!

3. What is one of your favourite memories of Christmas time?

My favourite memories are driving with the family to Penshurst to walk down the busy street of Xmas lights on Xmas eve.

Also setting the alarm with my brothers at 2am to sneak upstairs and look at our pressies. We were always so excited we could never get back to sleep.

4. How are you planning on styling your home this Christmas?

This Xmas I am keeping things simple. A small wooden tree from chalk and stone decorated with our favourite ornaments. I also made a decorated a simple wreath with Mum using Magnolias and Gardenias from my garden. Will also drape a few pretty lights around the living room and the front of the house.

I have never been into red and green, so Xmas is always a more white and bright theme for us.

Thanks again Sheridan! P.s your bed linen is amazing!!!

Wishing everyone a healthy & happy 2018 x b