Like a Pearl

Simple, pure and classic is Like a Pearl!  A gorgeous mix of linen and silk clothing made for girls and sourced from Northern Vietnam, which has a rich history of hemp and cotton textiles.

Like a Pearl founder Diana has a close connection with the Hmong people of Northern Vietnam and on a recent trip was made aware of how apparent child trafficking is in Vietnam. Every 5 days a Hmong girl aged between 13-15 is taken and lured across the border in anticipation of a better life, instead they are abused and prostituted.

Diana is helping the Hmong people by using their beautiful textiles and providing an income for them to feed their families and give their children an education!

Let’s support Like a Pearl and the amazing work being done for the less fortunate people of Northern Vietnam!

The clothing is beautiful, simple, natural and individual!

For more information, go to Like a Pearl.

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