Little Explorers

I’m loving the World Explorers initiative exclusive to Woolworths! Not only is it fun to collect the 56 flip cards and stickers but so informative and educational for the kids!

Also available is the Collectors Album which is divided into 7 regions – Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Oceana and South America.  Each card contains interesting facts about Culture, history, cuisine etc.

The kids and I had a ball learning about the different ways people live and eat and matching the stickers to the World map so they can visually see where the regions are and people come from.

We had a few little cooking sessions, choosing a card and creating a meal  that best describes the place. One night we picked Italy and made pizza together, the kids helped me decorate and bake.. We also had a Sushi day in honour of Japan which we shared with my Sister and Niece.They swapped cards, we talked about where the food came from and showed them how to use chopsticks. 

The little Explorers loved looking through the cards and learning about culture and Geography the fun way!

There are lots of fun activities inside the album too! Keeping the kids busy, interested and learning. I’m just hoping we can share the one album and cards with all 3 kids!! 

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