Greywing Review

So big in her grown up bed!!! It’s been 3 months since our Greywing mattress arrived, so I thought I would do a little review.

Originally I had this mattress in mind as a little floor set up for a guest room, however, the kids kept running in to sleep on it and Sage was about ready for a bigger bed so I moved it into her room, with a new Incy bed and gradually added a few soft touches… Neon Poodle heart light and Olli Ella rug.

We felt the mattress was too good not to be used on a daily basis! It has been perfect! Infact she is sleeping in til 9am some mornings!

Super happy with everything from easy delivery to unfolding out of a box and boom! Straight onto the bed! 

Probably the most aesthetically pleasing mattress on the market! Not to mention comfort plus!!

 So there you go! We have tried, tested and Greywing delivered! 

Sweet dreams! X b

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