Back in the nappy game!

Rule number 1 as a parent… Never shout from the roof tops that your kids are sleeping through the night, eating all their veges, never fight with siblings or completely toilet trained…I guarantee it will come back to bite you in the butt!

The latter is the case with me.  Kingston turned 3 in March and  like the other two kids as soon as they were toilet trained, we cut nappies out completely (even at night), here I am now with him at 3 1/2 doing a total backflip as pretty much every night over the last few weeks he has wet the bed, even if I take him to the toilet right before sleep. 

I have heard of kids going backwards sometimes with bed wetting  but nevertheless I am back in the nappy market and what perfect timing, as Woolworths kindly offered me to try their new and improved range of Little One’s nappies.

This sweet nappy bouquet was delivered to my door and now every night after our bath we put on a nappy and hope for the best (at least it can save my washing)!  

I have really been impressed with the nappies new design, strength and durability….We have had a few little accidents but thankfully now the little man can sleep dry and sound throughout the night!

I must admit I used to do my shopping at Woolworths and buy my nappies at the Chemist, however after trialing this new range I can now say that thankfully I can grab my groceries and toddler supplies under the one roof!

So there we are, hopefully this will be phased out quickly! I have also started a sticker chart to reward his dry nights….if he has a week of dry nappies he can choose a treat.
It’s not ideal, but let them be little and take each hurdle one step at a time!

Click here to shop the range of Little One’s nappies and wipes.

Oh and please, any tips with this are very appreciated! X 

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