Five and Fabulous!

party loot
Five!!!! How did this happen??!! The little miss is growing up before my eyes!!  
We enjoyed a low key party yesterday. Sage and I made some little party bags and games to take along to kindy and then we had birthday cake back at nannys house.

I always think a party is made with a beautiful cake! I planned to make it myself until a week ago when I had a little shopkins inspiration and asked my clever friend Denin to create this amazing cake around the Five cake topper I ordered from Sophia Victoria Joy. I was blown away with the result and the coconut vanilla filling!!

I couldn’t resist the sweet fruity cushions from Kmart which can now sit on her bed and cookie balloons to add to the Shopkins theme.

Sage dressed as a princess in Seed Heritage and brought along her new fave doll.  Giggles, cake and glitter Party shoes made this 5 year old girls day! X b

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