Have passport, will travel!!

nailing mr serious for his passport pic

I’m starting to get excited (and organized) as August is approaching and we are headed to NZ for my sisters 40th!! 

Aswell as researching the best cafes and things to do, I need to get on top of the kids passports and other important stuff!

With that in mind, I’m taking advantage of the May/June offer currently running at Australia Post outlets. By simply mentioning ‘child20’ to a retail staff member at your local Post Office you will receive a 20% discount on your ID photos through May and June. 

The kids and I recently took advantage of this offer and I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly the process went! What was particularly pleasing to me was how quickly and efficiently the pics were taken (within Government regulation) and also ready in minutes!  (Kingston had the Post office staff laughing with his “trying to be serious” face)  A good option also is to take a digital copy  for any additional online applications that may pop up in organizing travel.

So now I can get back to sourcing the best Coffee in Queenstown! (Please send your tips my way)!! Looking forward to sharing some holiday snaps, and hope this info has helped some of you planning trips overseas with the kiddies!  

For more information about child ID photos, head over to http:/auspo.sp/childid 

Happy travels! X b

Nb…this is a sponsored post.

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