We heart Noosa

              We have been going to Noosa QLD since we were kids, sometimes holidaying at my grandparents place in Surfers (as staying there was too pricey), then driving up to the Sunshine Coast  for a few days so dad could check out the surf and we could enjoy the beautiful beachside haven that is Noosa. Years later we chose to be married on Noosa Main beach, and still we continue to spend our holidays here  with our children and extended family. There is no other place like it. Perfect beaches, stunning restaurants, protected beach, beautiful coastal bush walks and Kingston’s favourite bush turkeys. I love getting lost in the daily routine you create on holidays….Of doing nothing! Mornings by the beach, walk down for coffee and pancakes by the water, day sleeps, afternoon swims, followed by sunset cocktails and seafood dinner. Bliss! Each year our holidays are getting easier and with Kingston having just turned 3 I found they were all such great ages to enjoy everything. 

I think Hawaii might be on the list in a few years but we are booked in to Noosa again for my cousins wedding next April! Can’t wait !! X b

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