K Rex’s 3rd birthday

                    The rain held off just enough for us to enjoy a party in the park for our little Dino!  Green balloons, Dino cookies and a naked cake topped with personalised cake topper and T Rex, plus lollies, sambos and green fairy bread.  We set up some dinosaurs with party hats on a white tablecloth and used mint plates, cups and napkins for party food.  One of Kingston’s white Dinos was used as a cake stand by gluing a plate to his spikes. The kids played in the park and did a Dino egg hunt before singing happy bday and taking home a party bag with a Dino kinder surprise and toy Dino.

Simple but fun and great to be outdoors on a balmy Good Friday! Happy long weekend! Xx

Dino suit – Sparrow and B

Dino singlet – mini rodini 

Cookies – hello Naomi

Cake – Sugarcoated events

Cake topper – Sophia Victoria Joy


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