I love everything about Huxbaby, the minimalist style, funky designs and everyday comfortable fits for the babes…think gold pretzels on black fabric, monochrome check and marble prints, cool tees plus sweet onesies, bibs and blankies. Super cool and functional everyday wear for the kids to rock on a coffee run, grocery shop or party! I mean just check out the pics!!

As Life in Style is approaching in Sydney, and Huxbaby’s SS16 range is looking pretty amazing!! I took the opportunity to interview the creative brains behind the business and share below her thoughts on kids fashion, inspirations and more…

Here we go….

Name & where do you live

Jennifer Admon – Melbourne

How did you get started?
We like to dress ourselves in gorgeous designs, so why not translate that to our children? I was also inspired to create a sustainable range of clothing that is both kind to the environment (being organic), and sustainable in the way it can be reused and shared amongst siblings being mainly unisex in colour and design. I started out really simply with a few kew pieces and the response was amazing so we just kept going from there!

What was your inspiration?

My wardrobe! Literally I was inspired by colours, shapes and design from my own minimalist wardrobe.

Do you find kids clothing has evolved?
Yes! Kids clothes now come as varied and wonderful as adult clothing. I love that you can get so many different styles, colours and designs to suit your kids personalities!

What are your favourite kids brands?

Huxbaby of course! I also love Rainbow and Snow shoes, Cavalier for dressy kidswear and Bugaboo

What are your hobbies?
Yoga, interior design and travel

Favourite destination?

Paris and Cape Town

Thanks Jennifer! You can check out Huxbaby at this years Life in Style Sydney 18-21 Feb.

X b


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