14 day detox

    So a realise December was not the best month to start my detox (making White Xmas was a struggle) but I felt I needed a cleanse and after running into my naturopath at the park and she was on day 6 I said…yep! Send me the program!

I’m pretty healthy anyway but have started drinking a bit more and knew the absence of coffee would be my major vice! Anyway, I pushed on and after a few days of a routine change I realized I could do it.

Day one I felt tired but that was why I wanted to this too as I am now having full nights of undisturbed sleep but feel so tired in the morning.

The next few days I was craving coffee but replaced with heaps of herbal teas and juices and all was ok…I just needed to get past 10am and then it didn’t bother me. 

I started to find my energy levels were stable, more awake in the morning (I even went for a run at 7am! Dramatic change from my 10am gym session) and no afternoon slump.

The benefits of juicing at home and healthier snacks meant the kids could enjoy these with me too and no cookie tempters at cafes (as I waited for my coffee) was a big plus too!

Most days looked a little like this:-

Morning, lemon juice in warm water and a berry detox tea + Fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt (dairy free) with cinnamon and a few nuts

Morning tea- big green juice with fennel, cucumber, Apple, orange and ginger.

Lunch – gluten free crisp bread with avo, tomato and tuna or salmon or some boiled eggs, avo and broccoli with oil and lemon 

Dinner – brown rice sushi, roast chicken or fish and veg or salad

Heaps of tea and a little raw chocolate 

A few of my tips.••
Cinnamon on everything!On cereal, yoghurt and sprinkled in herbal teas

Raw protein and bliss balls are great arvo snacks

If you have a nutribullet then whip up smoothies to take in the morning with you.

Coconut water is so hydrating!!

Drink heaps of water!!!

So there we have it, as I said I’m pretty healthy anyway but wanted to see if daily coffee and occasional vino put on pounds…verdict, no! Woohoo! I think I lost maybe a Kilo through the cleanse, but it wasn’t about that, it was a clean out and ready to take on Xmas bright eyed and bushy tailed! and I do feel an extra spring in my step but first….coffee!

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