I’m dreaming of a White (and black) Christmas!

                 I love Christmas but I can’t say I love all the green and red that comes with it. I have a very monochromatic simple style and like to continue it through my Christmas decorating. 

This year I decided to use the lovely tall plant stand on display In the living room to display our small Xmas tree. I wrapped gifts in our 2015 stendig calendar paper and finished them off with twine and twigs. The little string lights are a great lightweight option for trees and also love the gold moon sitting above the tree and crowned swan for a minimal festive touch.

This is also the perfect tree for toddlers as all decorations are out of reach.

A few of my styling tips would be:-

Less is more! Don’t get caught up in all hype, stick with one or two colours and follow through from tree decorating to wrapping etc.

Simple florals/twigs, buds and bells can make great present decorations.

A floating balloon always adds a fun festive touch and also makes for good Xmas photos.

Try to plan and budget presents early and if you have a theme in mind for the following year, buy up at the sales and store away!

Look forward to seeing some other modern Xmas displays out there this year.
Plant stand and pot from koskela

Gold moon, crowned swan and lights from my messy room 

Xmas tags from Kikki k

Goodies sack from pop factory

Flamingo from Leo and Bella 

Peace, love and joy X b

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