Minis + Maralex Paris





I love sharing the best of kids online shopping from all over the world! And when I mean all over the world…I mean it! seriously! Like Paris! The joys of Instagram and blogging bringing like minded people together and sharing our love of kids fashion, style and everything in between.  I love Maralex Paris! A large concept store near the Eiffel Tower! Maybe I need a visit back just to check it out! Although for now with the little ones, the worldwide shipping suits me to a tee! Jump on, have a look at all the top brands including Mini Rodini, bobo choses, Kenzo, Grey Label etc but seriously these Disney Little Mermaid Vans are the best thing I have seen in a long time!! Thankyou Maralex! Until Paris!

P.s. I also contributed a look to their blog so have a look at some cool kid outfit looks there too!! X b

Sage wears mini rodini skirt and vans from Maralex, socks from Hubble and duke, tee from Thread and seed backpack.

The Childhood diaries!







 I know you all love cool brands! So I’m sharing a one stop online boutique for the minnies! (0-5 yrs) The Childhood store! Think  Kukukid, Mini Rodini, Tiny Cottons, Beau Loves, Little Pop Studios and the list goes on! I’m in love with the kids outfits here! Soft, easy to play and move in and let’s not forget super cool! Hit up the website and check out the amazing brands!  Your’e welcome!!

Sage wears Kuku kid tee and skirt from The Childhood store, mini dressing socks, saltwater sandals, chikhi knit and country road hat.

K wears tiny cottons pants and young one apparel tee from The Childhood store and mini mocks 

H&M kids in Aus


 So the new H&M kids range is pretty cool! We are very excited to be involved in the collection that is launching here in Aus on the 17th September!  A spacey rocket vibe in neutral tones and edgy designs.

Sage has taken her rocket ship bag out a few times and she is literally stopped on the street! It is a must have!

Can’t wait to see more from this amazing brand! I only shopped at H&M whilst living in London, and as you can see the kids range didn’t disappoint either!

To infinity and beyond!

Shop here H&M 

Pipers book party

                              A stunning Sydney day for Pipers second bday! Peach, apricot and grey balloons floated around the backyard with tents, mats and cushions to relax in the backyard and watch the kids play. My sister did a great job with games for the kids….pics of animals to draw faces on balloons, a coloring and sticker book set up plus lots of yummy sandwiches, fruit, cakes, salads and nannies adorable kitten shortbreads!

The theme was a book party so lots of books were used as weights to hold them down, also the cake topper was an illustration of Piper reading her book which also matched her party invites. The kids could read or play in the garden and loved singing  happy bday to the little peach (and we loved eating the lemon cake with a cuppa)!

Nothing beats an Aussie backyard party! And the kitten sweets boxes to take home were adorable!! 

Happy 2 Pipes x b

Cool Thread(s) 

           Finding simple but cool basic pjs for the kids can be tricky! Yes, we have  come a long way from sailing boats and pink hearts but for a monochrome lover (like me) there’s not much out there! So of course when I came across Thread I was super excited!  Their Goodnight Moon collection is the bomb! Based on a soft grey cotton and majority of pieces in a space splatter print, all the kids (and mama) are happy! Perfect unisex threads for bed! Especially fond of the Goodnight Mouse bloomers for the girls and robot tee for the boys! Check out their range and enter BEEBEEX3 for 20% off!  

Please make in my size!!!!

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Perfect Balance with Botanica Science Tea

  There’s nothing nicer than some quiet tea time!! When the kids have a sleep I like to sit down to a relaxing tea with a mag and some dark choc and chill!  I have just come across an American company called Botanica Science who make the best organic and 100% natural tea called Skinnytox.

Botanica Science’s mission is to encourage a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle!! These two blends are a beautiful morning and night tea…Energy Berry for a morning boost of Sencha, ginseng, rosehip, orange peel, currants and Elderberries and the Night time Herbal detox made of rosehip, hibiscus, roobios, apple, orange, licorice root, lemon grass and senna leaf to prepare for a restful sleep!

All with amazing health benefits, 100% natural and totally organic including the tea bags wich are chemical and toxic free!

Well it must be tea time again! Try some! Simply enter Brietea15 at checkout when you order for a discount! X b

My Minion turns 6










 His request was another Mcdonalds party this year! (Minion style) He seriously has the best time! A few of his favourite friends, burgers, chips, games and face painting!! The Mcdonalds hosts run the show so the parents can just relax and chat…which we did.  Mid party he ran up to me to say it was the “best party ever” bless! And his face when his friends are singing happy bday! Priceless! Seriously there is not many things better than a Mcdonalds ice cream cake!  Except maybe a McWine! All we did was invitations, packed a few minion masks and balloons and some figurines for the cake, they provide everything else including a loot bag….I of course threw in some lolly bananas in striped cupcake cases and a little minion figurine and made the cupcakes for his school class…. I’m lovin it!