Lots of love for Laikonik

A gorgeous display of wood and pastels on my desk! I’m loving everything about Laikonik! Sustainable design, beautifully printed keep sakes and gorgeous garlands! Firstly this pretty Owl ‘once a year’ book is beautifully packaged and requires only one photo a year (for 18 years) with a few memories/milestones to be written on the back of each page. It also comes with a ‘chatter book’ to notate further information of the years events. Love it! I’m sure we can all handle one photo a year!

This clever Sydney based textiles company have also created these beautiful wooden bead garlands to drape or hang in your home as you wish and could also be used to display kids artworks or photos. Simply thread the beads onto the leather cord provided and voila! Mine look sweet above my vases and lamp on my bedside. 

Back onto these beautiful keepsakes, I also believe a new mint owl book is nearly finished production, such a great gift for new or expecting mums!

Check it out! Laikonik.com.au

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