Chronic truth about Chronic Fatigue

I was amazed at all the positive feedback and also the other Chronic Fatigue sufferers out there sharing tips and stories. I don’t plan on giving medical advice but thought I could share a bit about how I sunk into Chronic illness and what helped.

In 2003 I travelled with my girlfriends to Thailand and then London to find work and a home for 6months to a year. It’s hard just arriving in a country and expecting just to get set up so there were some testing times in finding a home and work. We did find a great place in Fulham and I got a restaurant job. I worked late nights and had a long commute to and from work plus many nights on alcohol (as you do when living with friends) and this lifestyle was starting to catch up with me. I was working lots, not eating enough to sustain my daily life and basically draining myself. At one point I got so ill I couldn’t get out of bed, I remember music pumping and cigarette smoke coming under my doors and I just wanted to go home. Don’t get me wrong, my friends are great but that’s life in a share house. After about a week I started to come good and saw a naturopath for some immune boosters. I continued my fun London life and travelled to some amazing places but it seems this illness was now in my bloodstream. 

I had a few yuck feelings of weakness and exhaustion after returning home from London and was now working in a fast paced job for a very demanding boss in Sydney. Troy and I were married a year later and were living together happily in the inner west. I was working hard under sometimes very stressful conditions, excercising heaps and not fueling my body enough, until finally I crashed big time! Everything went blurry and I was so weak! I had blood tests which showed I had Glandular Fever in my system (stemming from the first illness in London). It is proven that Chronic Fatigue usually occurs if glandular fever has been present in your system. So I guess I assumed I would take some pills and get back on track! I wished this for so long but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I was recommended a GP/naturopath and started on herbs, vitamin B and C injections and stuff for energy, brain fog, muscle aches and pains etc. I was also put on a detox to rid my body of chemicals but my body went into cold turkey shock and I was feverish, dizzy, achy! Just awful! I had just gotten married and now living back with mum and dad again so they could look after my as Troy was working. 

I kept up with all these shots, pills etc, draining me and the bank account, nothing really made me feel any better. I had to quit my job and try to get better the natural way.

It’s hard to describe the brain fog to people but it’s like the world is a dizzy dark place and you just never feel right! So that was my life up and down for many years! I gradually made my way back to work part time, moved back with husband and tried to re create my life. I quit alcohol, coffee etc (in fact I have only really just started drinking now after around 8 years)!! I tried acupuncture, reiki, psychologists, chiro, hypnotherapy, self injections of vitamin B, you name it! 

I returned to London with husband the following year, had an amazing job and living the dream in a little town called Dulwich, all was going well until 8 months later when we were on our way to a Pink Concert, I remember feeling weak and the brain fog coming over me! I wanted to scream and couldn’t believe it was back! The thing was I was back to my old ways again and it just catches up! So after months of being bedridden, calling mum sobbing and again quitting my job, I had to come home to heal…(don’t get me started on the healthcare system in London)!!! I was the sickest I had been and so upset I didn’t finish what i set out to do! 

I am not sure this ever leaves the system but you just learn to live with it or how to be aware and best help yourself. I did find an amazing naturopath and I’m not sure if it was time or a mix of supplements that helped me get back on track but here I am living the life I am strong enough to live. People often ask if 3 kids is hard..the answer is yes but nothing compared to ill health! 

So there you have it! Crap right!!! Here is a list of things I still take and again recommend you check with your doctor first

  • ginger in everything!! 
  • A bit of dark chocolate every day
  • vitamin C by the bucket load…you can’t have too much as it comes out in your wee.
  • Co Q 10 for energy 
  • calcium and magnesium for muscle aches 
  •  neuro calm for my poor nervous system
  • iron for my deficiency
  • fish oil tablets for circulation and brain health

So there it is, years that I want to forget but also am thankful that I have been there, come out of it and am sure stronger for it! 

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right! 👊

One thought on “Chronic truth about Chronic Fatigue

  1. Brie, I was so shocked when I read your first IG post on this. One of the things I admire about you, from afar at least, is your seemingly endless energy and verve. Hello, three kids and a husbo!! I struggle looking after Alice and myself! You have so much spunk, fatigue or no fatigue. Just sayin’ … xox


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