Baby bunnies, chicks and chocolate for days!

Our long weekend adventures!!

The rain kept us away from the Easter activities we had planned for Good Friday, however some home time and movies were a nice alternative.

We got out to the Grounds of Alexandria on Saturday for their Easter Fair full of super sized chocolate eggs, Easter treats and lots of delicious stalls to suit kids and adults!  The Live Bunny Hugs were a favourite with the kiddies whilst husband and I sipped coffee and took in the lovely atmosphere.

After the joys of the Easter bunny visit (including a personalised card from E.B himself) Sunday morning, a quick coffee and off to Cronulla for their mini Easter show (the kids think this is the real Easter show and for now that suits us)! A few rides, show bags and takeaway sushi in the park. Then off to an afternoon tea at nan and pops to a feast full of sugary sweet cookies and cakes as above! The kids all played in the garden til sunset, which of course meant vino followed by Thai takeaway!! 

And well Monday is just a chocolate coma daze! Trying to throw a few fresh juices down to cleanse the System! 

Happy Easter sweet bunnies!!! 

Here is a link to our yummy Easter table..

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