April favourites finds!

I love sharing our monthly finds! here are our April top picks!

  1. Sage styling in Bandit Kids tee and gorgeous Sapling Child skirt! I love this little cat print!
  2. These Lovatt mugs are so slick and simple in design! Look great on display and would be a great Mother’s Day gift!! From Style Trader.
  3. Nothing beats this Caroline Bosmans pom cap! I might need a borrow! And seed spot jumper is cute and cozy!
  4. Our Sugarcoated pineapple invite for a little family do in Noosa! paired with the most perfect pressies! Pineapple ring and necklace by Kirstin Ash from Darling X Two.
  5. A cute wall in Sages room made cuter by Frankie Says ‘Wake Up Bear’  print. Check out the etsy shop for more great prints!
  6. Another bday gift is this beautiful concrete bowl! A hint of pink gives it a lovey soft look and perfect for a little indoor plant for home! Also from Darling X Two and another top Mother’s Day idea!
  7. An amazing snowy mountain print from Charbella! Perfect 10 year anniversary gift from hubby!
  8. With the weather getting cooler, these Seed stockings are the perfect wardrobe addition for Sages ballet lessons! 
  9. And my best find of the month! This miffy mat I found on ebay! Perfect finishing touch to Sages room!

So there’s a wrap up of our top 9 of April! And hopefully a few helpful Mother’s Day gift ideas too! X b

Never fail Noosa

Our favourite Aussie holiday destination! Beach, National Park, top restaurants, cafés and shopping, all walking distance from The gorgeous beachside accommodation on Hastings street, or where we love to stay Little Cove (just up the hill).

Always changing so I like to update my top 10 each time we visit, and this was a particularly lovely time as we were cebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, all of which took place here on Noosa Main Beach followed, by our Reception at bistro C (which has also had an amazing reno)!

  1. So of course Bistro C is a fave, always updating the interior and menu to keep up with the current trends! I love a breaky by the boardwalk! Fresh juice, coffee and any kind of amazing muffin will do me! (Not really a big breaky type person) but wow to the raspberry and white choc pancakes!! Or my granola with berry sorbet as pictured above! Also great to sit beachside and you can watch the kids whilst eating! Yay!
  2. So of course Noosa Mainbeach is stunning! Protected, warm water and kid size waves! We love to pack some cheese, crackers, seafood and vino etc and head down to the tables at First Point to watch the sunset behind the surfers whilst the kids play on the beach. Perfect end to the day!
  3. My fave gelato shop is Massimos! And new fave combo from the holiday is coconut and grapefruit! So yum! Also for yummy frozen yoghurt, health acai bowls, protein balls and yum coffee is Blended…just out the front of the food court.
  4. On the shopping front, my faves are Lamington – stocking Aesop, prints, kids clothing, jewellery and quirky arty finds! For women’s wear I love Alterior Motif – sass & Bide, Zoe Karsson, valley sunnies, Zulu & zephyr! Yes I did some damage here! Beautiful fitout! And also love  Chloe & Grace – beautiful monochrome and stripe tees, Bassike, jewels etc.. my bestie bought be a silver pineapple ring here (by Kirstin Ash) love! The very familiar Wichery and Seed are always worth a visit too!
  5. Betty’s Burgers has always been a huge hit! And now opened in a bigger and better premises next to Berados (the southern end of Hastings). Packed at lunch so hit it up early before the rush begins! 
  6. A ‘Hey Bill’ is always a great treat for the kids at the beach! Serving shaved iced cones with lots of colourful syrup toppings. Usually set up out the front of the Surf Club…which in itself is a great cheap and cheerful dinner option with the kids! Especially Karaoke night!
  7. For a chilled out dinner with the kids, Miss Moneypennys serves great pizzas and salads! Quick, easy and funky design!
  8. We prefer to stay at Little Cove these days! More bang for your buck and across the road from the gorgeous Little Cove beach. Easy with kids and also to go for a walk or run up the National park! Must do for amazing views, koala spotting and working off those extra icecream scoops!
  9. Read more about the amazing Noosa dreamboat experience on my pineapple celebrations post! Such a luxurious way to get around Noosa river and wharf service to dine at another fave dinner spot..Ricky’s!
  10. No visit to Noosa is complete without a stop at Signatures, a beautiful Hamptons style fitout overflowing with amazing soaps, creams, bracelets, towels, books, etc. Great for gifts and also the kids section upstairs is beautiful.

So there you have it! Just wandering up and down Hastings street at your own pace is a lovely thing to do, however nothing beats the  5.30pm beach walk watching the sunset and the amazing restaurant aromas in the air!!! Take me back! X b

Chronic truth about Chronic Fatigue

I was amazed at all the positive feedback and also the other Chronic Fatigue sufferers out there sharing tips and stories. I don’t plan on giving medical advice but thought I could share a bit about how I sunk into Chronic illness and what helped.

In 2003 I travelled with my girlfriends to Thailand and then London to find work and a home for 6months to a year. It’s hard just arriving in a country and expecting just to get set up so there were some testing times in finding a home and work. We did find a great place in Fulham and I got a restaurant job. I worked late nights and had a long commute to and from work plus many nights on alcohol (as you do when living with friends) and this lifestyle was starting to catch up with me. I was working lots, not eating enough to sustain my daily life and basically draining myself. At one point I got so ill I couldn’t get out of bed, I remember music pumping and cigarette smoke coming under my doors and I just wanted to go home. Don’t get me wrong, my friends are great but that’s life in a share house. After about a week I started to come good and saw a naturopath for some immune boosters. I continued my fun London life and travelled to some amazing places but it seems this illness was now in my bloodstream. 

I had a few yuck feelings of weakness and exhaustion after returning home from London and was now working in a fast paced job for a very demanding boss in Sydney. Troy and I were married a year later and were living together happily in the inner west. I was working hard under sometimes very stressful conditions, excercising heaps and not fueling my body enough, until finally I crashed big time! Everything went blurry and I was so weak! I had blood tests which showed I had Glandular Fever in my system (stemming from the first illness in London). It is proven that Chronic Fatigue usually occurs if glandular fever has been present in your system. So I guess I assumed I would take some pills and get back on track! I wished this for so long but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I was recommended a GP/naturopath and started on herbs, vitamin B and C injections and stuff for energy, brain fog, muscle aches and pains etc. I was also put on a detox to rid my body of chemicals but my body went into cold turkey shock and I was feverish, dizzy, achy! Just awful! I had just gotten married and now living back with mum and dad again so they could look after my as Troy was working. 

I kept up with all these shots, pills etc, draining me and the bank account, nothing really made me feel any better. I had to quit my job and try to get better the natural way.

It’s hard to describe the brain fog to people but it’s like the world is a dizzy dark place and you just never feel right! So that was my life up and down for many years! I gradually made my way back to work part time, moved back with husband and tried to re create my life. I quit alcohol, coffee etc (in fact I have only really just started drinking now after around 8 years)!! I tried acupuncture, reiki, psychologists, chiro, hypnotherapy, self injections of vitamin B, you name it! 

I returned to London with husband the following year, had an amazing job and living the dream in a little town called Dulwich, all was going well until 8 months later when we were on our way to a Pink Concert, I remember feeling weak and the brain fog coming over me! I wanted to scream and couldn’t believe it was back! The thing was I was back to my old ways again and it just catches up! So after months of being bedridden, calling mum sobbing and again quitting my job, I had to come home to heal…(don’t get me started on the healthcare system in London)!!! I was the sickest I had been and so upset I didn’t finish what i set out to do! 

I am not sure this ever leaves the system but you just learn to live with it or how to be aware and best help yourself. I did find an amazing naturopath and I’m not sure if it was time or a mix of supplements that helped me get back on track but here I am living the life I am strong enough to live. People often ask if 3 kids is hard..the answer is yes but nothing compared to ill health! 

So there you have it! Crap right!!! Here is a list of things I still take and again recommend you check with your doctor first

  • ginger in everything!! 
  • A bit of dark chocolate every day
  • vitamin C by the bucket load…you can’t have too much as it comes out in your wee.
  • Co Q 10 for energy 
  • calcium and magnesium for muscle aches 
  •  neuro calm for my poor nervous system
  • iron for my deficiency
  • fish oil tablets for circulation and brain health

So there it is, years that I want to forget but also am thankful that I have been there, come out of it and am sure stronger for it! 

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right! 👊

Partying like Pineapples! QLD style 

What an amazing week we have had in Noosa! Blessed with 30-35degree temps, warm ocean and seaside walks!   I will update you all on my Noosa faves soon but just a quick post to share what we got up to for my bday and Wedding anniversary celebrations!

On my bday morning, we went out for breaky at Bistro C, kids had pancakes and fresh juices and I had a lovely granola with berry sorbet and a sparkler ontop for the kids to sing Happy Bday to me!! We then took our coffees down to the beach and swam most of the day…bliss! In the afternoon we met my cousin and kids back at Bistro C for arvo jars! Special cocktails and snacks all served in jars for happy hour. I had some little Nectar and Stone pineapple chocolates as party favours for kids and friends which mum boxed and tagged as a special holiday momento. A few jars later, we  enjoyed dinner back at my cousins beachside apartment so the kids could play.

For our Wedding Anniversary (10 years mind you)! I booked Noosa Dreamboats for a tour of the river, I love the amazing riverside architecture and we even cruised around Richard Branson’s island! The classic Mahogony speed boat was amazing in look and design! We shared champagne and felt like celebrities as we pulled up at Ricky’s for sunset cocktails and dinner! If in Noosa Ricky’s is a definite must dine (just around at Noosa Heads) the food and fitout is stunning! Especially the passion fruit soufflé!!

After dinner we hit Hastings street to meet up with my girlfriends (who decided our wedding anniversary was a great excuse to leave partners and kids and come and help us celebrate)! Yay! So of course some espresso martinis were in order! Massive few days! So much fun! Want to do it all again!! X b

Wild wild Inner West

So back to the inner West we are! I lived here with husbo about 11 or 12 years ago, a foot loose fancy free working couple…my how things have changed!

For starters the cafe/restaurant culture is amazing but how long can you sit at a cafe with 3 kids???  So here is what we get up to on this side of town!

Firstly the inner west is so wide spread so might need to do as a series. Will start with Marrickville and Petersham.

The kids love Enmore park so I usually stop by West Juliett cafe for coffee, fresh juice and some pumpkin bread. This is a great local haunt! Modern, fresh and great quality food! We take our goodies to the park and love a Thursday when the yellow bus arrives!(check Marrickville council for this great initiative in kids play and also parents to meet). The bus pulls up and sets up kids stations such as playdoh, duplo, face painting, games etc.

Also around Marrickville is the organic markets…8.30-3pm Sunday (143 Addison road) best in fresh fruit and veg, cakes, sweets, plants etc…specializing in certified organic fruit and veg.

Top five of Marrickville.

  1. Two chaps cafe is a cool local haunt in a suburban street, the roller door swings up and locals spill out to the footpath sipping coffee and snacking on pastries. The lunches are delicious and also now opens for dinner Thurs and Fri night! Pasta made on site and amazing desserts!! ✔️
  2. Double roasters is the best in the business for coffee and also a great breaky and lunch menu. Hit up some takeaway and take across the road to the park.
  3. The Henson pub is a great one for the kiddies! Order your food and then take a seat in the courtyard area where there is a big play house for the kids…it can be a little hectic but great food and family atmosphere.
  4. Cornersmith cafe is also a winner! Using locally sourced fresh produce and a cool fitout! This is prob a better one without the kiddos. Sit at the bar with a mag and enjoy the local scene.
  5. That vintage shop…big store full of antique and vintage finds. Furniture, lighting, kitchen wear and everything in between.


  1.  The Park is the first stop in this quiet leafy Suburb. Petersham park is gorgeous! Located down the end of Brighton street which also has lovely cafés for some takeaways for the park.  There is also Petersham pool for the hot Summer days and the best lunch in town is Pig and Pastry on the Station Street side!  Healthy and hearty salads, sandwiches and pastries and also has the occasional dinner dates throughout the year.
  2. There’s some great cafés on Audley street (near the Station). Our fave is The Grumpy barista which has great coffee and yummy lunches, you can make your own salad by choosing the salad base, then protein etc…also the best pastries and sweets including the Nutella injected Cronut! Oh my! And The Counter a few doors up for burgers and top lunch menu too!
  3. Daisys is the sweetest little vintage milk bar on Stanmore Road,  A kind of Happy Days Diner feel. Sage and I go for an old school milk shake after ballet, lunches are also great and with school holidays on at the moment, we love dippy eggs, milkshake and a little lolly bag. So sweet! Oh and Mumma loves the fig, ricotta and pomegranate on sourdough as pictured above!!
  4. Just at the end of Petersham as you hit Stanmore station is our fave, Papercup cafe, small, super cool fitout! Red brick with glass windows and ultra cool lighting! Best coffee in the Inner west! Big call but I’m claiming it plus great egg dishes, lunch and pastries.
  5. There’s also a lot going on on Parramatta road including the most delicious chocolate shop, Belle Fleur, and the best Portugese Chicken shops, thanks to the huge Portugese influence going on here.

So there’s a few of our top finds, I have really only scratched the surface here, so much more going on but a good start to keep the caffeine fueled mum going! And kids happy!

Kids wardrobe 

Next will be my favourite little village of Summer Hill x b

Baby bunnies, chicks and chocolate for days!

Our long weekend adventures!!

The rain kept us away from the Easter activities we had planned for Good Friday, however some home time and movies were a nice alternative.

We got out to the Grounds of Alexandria on Saturday for their Easter Fair full of super sized chocolate eggs, Easter treats and lots of delicious stalls to suit kids and adults!  The Live Bunny Hugs were a favourite with the kiddies whilst husband and I sipped coffee and took in the lovely atmosphere.

After the joys of the Easter bunny visit (including a personalised card from E.B himself) Sunday morning, a quick coffee and off to Cronulla for their mini Easter show (the kids think this is the real Easter show and for now that suits us)! A few rides, show bags and takeaway sushi in the park. Then off to an afternoon tea at nan and pops to a feast full of sugary sweet cookies and cakes as above! The kids all played in the garden til sunset, which of course meant vino followed by Thai takeaway!! 

And well Monday is just a chocolate coma daze! Trying to throw a few fresh juices down to cleanse the System! 

Happy Easter sweet bunnies!!! 

Here is a link to our yummy Easter table..