Hi! Most of you may know me and the kids from Instagram, I am a mum of 3…Noa is 5 1/2, Sage 3 1/2 and Kingston nearly 2 (Noa not pictured as he is a big school boy now). Yes it has been crazy, yes there have been days I want to escape and yes, I love them with every inch of me!

Parenthood is so exhausting and rewarding at the same time! From the minute your new baby is placed on you, the fist feed, Nappy change, outing etc…amazing and so weird at the same time!  Then the lack of sleep, sore boobs, milk everywhere, nighties for days!  Nothing prepares you for how your world will turn upside down! Not necessarily for everyone but my first born Noa was a particularly difficult screaming baby and god knows how I continued to have them so close together! I think it was my sisters advice “surely you couldn’t be that unlucky twice” and she was right, Sage was a much more settled baby and I remember checking on her frequently as she slept so soundly (I couldn’t get more than 20 mins at a time with Noa…no joke) and then Kingston…well the third just follows, sleeps when they can and as exhausting and deal breaking as the 3rd child is, he is the most gorgeous funloving creature and Sage mothering him is the cutest!

So, I thought I owed it to my fellow IGers to state some truth as pics can be deceiving… We all have our days and the stories we share can be so helpful to one another!

My blog beebeesxthree will be more about the activities, clothes, craft and places we go as so many mums have asked for advice on where and what you do with kids in Sydney.  So here I am, look forward to sharing as we explore x b

Sage wears children of the tribe tee and bonds tutu and Kingston bonds tee and children of the Tribe shorts.

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